I’m really excited to share with you some info on one of my personal favorite event tracks for Penguicon, Anime! We’ve already got some great events planned, and we’d like even more, so submit your proposal for an Anime-related event you’d like to present, or suggest an idea for our track head to look into creating!

This year, you might impress the Shinigami at the Black Butler Wonderland Tea Party and walk away with a prize!  Fan of Mecha instead? Then stop by our A Beginner’s Guide to Gundam panel to ponder its history and culture.  You’ll find passionate fans to discuss anime with, presenters to show you some you’ve never seen, and thought provoking questions about some of your favorites!

Stop by one of the Anime panels or drop in to our theater to get lost in an Anime movie this year at Penguicon 🙂