The new press kit is here! The new press kit is here!

Well, technically, it’s here, but I was saying it’s “here” in a more abstract sort of way in order to relate the perceived arrival of said press kit in… oh, never mind.

The kit itself is here and there’s a flyer for the con you can print out and put up (on campus, at work, in your bedroom) here. Do keep in mind that we may have a few more announcements, so the kit and the flyer are subject to change.

We’re also still looking for a few good people to jump in and help. We’re looking for Programming Ops, someone to run retro gaming, and more – go look at what’s on the Join Our Staff page and… well, pick something and come join our staff. Got a friend who has talents we can exploit? Nudge them to look at the page, too – the more the merrier!

That’s about it for me this week. So, to paraphrase a favorite character of mine likes to say: Smoke me a kipper – I’ll be back around next Wednesday (so, you know, don’t smoke the kipper now… just hold off till closer to next week).