The DIY Track is focused on doing things yourself. Whether it be a new craft or odd jobs around the home or even running your own business, DIY wants to help you learn. Our panels will give people an opportunity to pick up new tools to use in their daily lives, a new hobby, or even an interest in a new branch of creativity.

DIY featured guest is Chad Sinke.   Chad Sinke is a Professional Electric Engineer who graduated from Lawrence Technological University with an Electrical Engineering Degree. He co-owns the Engineering firm R-Concepts Inc. in Howell MI. He enjoys taking on Engineering projects both inside and outside of work. In his free time he restores cars, does home DIY projects and watches movies. One project he had contemplated doing for years was the DIY Electric Vehicle. Hence, The Avenger GT-EV was born!

This year, attendees will be breaking out their time turners as they attend all the panels in DIY lab.

Panels like:

DIY Electric Car Edition:  Come learn about the The Avenger GT-EV an Electric Vehicle build by our featured guest Chad Sinke from SCRATCH. He’ll talk about why he did it, how he did it, and how you can build your own car too! If you’re interested in Electric Vehicles, Engineering, or just awesome DIY projects this is a panel you won’t want to miss!

Turn your favorite Coloring Book Page into Embroidery: how to take coloring book pages or outlines of their favorite characters, transfer them onto material, and turn them into a beautiful piece of embroidered art work. There would not be time for them to complete the project, but they would learn all the skills needed to finish it on their own time.

Junk Drawer Leatherworking: Using objects commonly found in most household ‘junk drawers’ and the scrap leather from my masks, my hands-on workshop will allow people to explore the textural and sculptural properties of vegetable-tanned leather.

Success With Kickstarter/Crowdfunding and your next project: Learn all the tricks of the trade on how to launch a successful project on Kickstarter for crowdfunding your next project- be it board game, artwork, music or other creative endeavor. What to do and what to avoid, and most importantly- what you can expect financially!

Introduction to Machine Knitting: A presentation about the history of domestic knitting using flat-bed and circular knitting machines. This presentation will cover the types of machines that are commonly used; a discussion of various patterning methods including manual, punched cards, and electronic patterning; and examples of the stitch types that can be produced.


Panel submissions end on March 1 (4 days to go)!

We would love for you to submit a proposal for an event in the DIY track that you intend to present!