Our Maker Market is chock full of artists from our community who make everything from paintings to leather to unique electronics.  Again this year, our makers are not reselling anything – it all comes from them.  This post highlighting our makers is the first in a series – be sure to check them out during Penguicon!

faceOdd Wearable Art Masks

Pronounced ‘façade’ and inspired by the chaotic masquerade scene in Labyrinth, Tamara has been making high quality leather wearable art masks and headdresses since 2007. She experimented with using Inkscape and the laser cutter, but soon decided she missed the hands-on aspects of her process.  

Ghost Deer Designs

Mairi Mundy-Dowd is freelance Graphic Designer who also works in other areas like woodworking, jewelry making, and sewing. She has always had an interest in bones and began creating jewelry out of her supply of sustainably sourced bones.


QuietNova Studios

Tabitha Kush has been knitting or crocheting since she before she was in even in school.  Since then she has been perfecting her ability to make adorable things out of yarn.  So, if you need a penguin or perhaps a squid to cuddle during con you should stop by and see QuietNova Studios.


SapienAce Fabrications

AJ Bouthillier makes bags for all of your geeky needs.  

Level 8 Craftling

Level 8 Craftling makes leatherwork for geeks! All pieces are hand-crafted by Kell Carnahan who is an engineer and leatherworker who crafts unique dice bags, bottle carriers, card game organizers, journal covers, fur-lined hooded capelets and more. Repairs and custom design work done by request.

More Awesome Artists coming!
They are looking forward to meeting you!