Like many Science Fiction conventions in the mid-west, our attendees often make ribbon-gathering into an event of its own via trading. While some ribbons represent official matters like who is staff or who is a presenter, most of them are fun, even silly ways to express yourself.

Ribbons (intended to be attached to your membership badge) are one of the best things about SF/F conventions – sometimes they’re used to highlight roles (like Guests of Honor). They’re used to express your fandom (like Browncoat).  They’re used to help someone understand your interests (like the relationship ribbons).  They’re used to denote how you’d like to be referred to (like the pronoun preference ribbons). And they’re used as rewards for picking up some art at the Maker Market, participating in contests, and getting to know our Guests of Honor.

While you are welcome to bring your own ribbons purchased anywhere, we purchase ribbons in bulk from one vendor in order to bring the cost down as much as possible.

The Ribbon Deadline for the Penguicon Bulk order is March 25th!

If you’d like to select ribbons to buy for Penguicon, please use our ribbon form, and they will be available for you at the Registration desk during the convention.