Beaker from the Muppets looking very apprehensive and Beaker-like


Another St. Patrick’s day where that one neighbor keeps playing that one Dropkick Murphys CD they bought in the late 1990s done. Most of the mess cleaned-up. Life returning to normal. And then you’re hit with the looming realization Penguicon is less than six weeks away and you’ve yet to do anything to get ready for your panel or costume or party and you start to feel like Beaker. At least there’s an abundance of Easter (or, if you prefer, Ēostre) chocolate to be had (though if you eat too much of that, it may make you feel like Beaker, too).

Now, if you aren’t one for candy-coated commercialism, perhaps you might prefer the March PenguiNotes?

Penguicon Volunteer Bash was wonderful! Thank you for all that attended!

If you missed it, and want to help Penguicon 2018, sign up here!  

And some GoH announcements:

That’s a lot of stuff for one post. I’m gonna go finish off some green beer (note to self: don’t try to color the stout next year…). See you all soon!