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Everyone loves to make memories during Penguicon, and to take pictures to show off to those who can’t be there.  We have volunteers taking photos for use on the web site and in Penguicon promotional material for future years, and those are one great way that we have to get the word out!

Please remember, though, no matter who you are, some people do not want to be filmed or photographed.

We ask that you check with everyone who will be in your photo, whether they are the focal point of the photo or in the background.

Regardless, if you take a photo or video in which a person is identifiable (like if a person walks past your camera in the hallway) and they ask you to delete it, please respect their wishes.  There are many reasons why someone might not want their photo taken, and they aren’t required to give any of them to ask not to be recorded.

This includes panelists – if you’d like to record a panel you are attending, please ask before the panel.  If you forget and record without asking, ask them after the panel is over, and respect their wishes.

We want to make sure that everyone has a good time during the event, and that includes the right to dictate how and where their likeness is used.

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