Special Events


Space… the ultimate target-rich environment. These are the voyages of the Starship Artemis,and its sister vessels,whose ongoing mission is seek out aggressive life forms, marauders and even each other, and blow ‘em all to space-smithereens!

Lansing Makers Network will be bringing their version, with lighting effects, of the popular starship bridge simulator game, Artemis!  Patrol your space sector and defend your outposts. Scan for danger at the Science post, plot a course at Helm, launch mines and torpedoes from Weapons Control, manage the power loss from Engineering, intimidate the enemy from Communications, or take the big chair as Captain and coordinate your crew’s actions.


This customizable marble roller coaster is a perennial favorite. It serves as a metaphor for the open source development process.  The Chaos Machine is available all weekend for Penguicon attendees to tinker with!


Each year there is a chance for people who love making costumes and cosplay to show off their creations and passion. If this applies to you, consider entering our costume contest and get some bragging rights!

Not so interested in getting up in front of people to show off? No problem, you can enter the “Hall Favorite” portion of the costume contest. Both portions of the event can be signed up for at Ops, and may the best costume win!


Watch racers from the Detroit Drone group weave around tight corners and narrow spaces while overtaking competitors! Racers will be competing for trophies and con wide acclaim!  If you are interested in participating and finding out more, please check out the Detroit Drone Group!


Geeks with Guns is an off-site event held early on Friday afternoon, just prior to the official opening of the con. It involves going to a nearby range, and consuming copious quantities of ammunition while noisily punching holes in various paper targets for a couple of hours.

It is a painless and fun way for newbies to learn the fundamentals of firearms safety, and for them (and experienced shooters) to have an opportunity to handle and shoot a variety of guns in the company of other Penguicon attendees. The cost is as low as we can make it, and the fellowship is excellent. There are several experienced firearms instructors present, and the unwavering emphasis is on safety.


Burlesque is a free musical expression of the self. Penguicon is excited to present a Geeky Burlesque show Friday at 9pm in the Big Top! Princess Bubblegum will science their way across the room, and you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a sexy X-files dance! Hermione and Bellatrix will be there as well – come hang out and cheer on your brave fellow attendees as they get on stage and let it all (or most of it) out.

There will be ribbons available for those who attend (and for those who tip!), 18+ only, please, ID will be checked at the door.


This year the folks from N.U.E.T. (Nearly Useless Entertainment Team) are upping the ante – aiming to provide a near total immersion room to take participants into the magical world of… Harry Potter! Players will be helping the Ministry of Magic invite their cousins from the Magical Congress of the United States of America to join in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

There will also be a second Escape Room! In addition to the Harry Potter room they will also be bringing a Firefly-themed room!  Sign up at the Escape Room Headquarters, and see if you can escape the room. Be sure to have your fellow wizards or Browncoats arrive 5-10 minutes  before your scheduled time for a briefing on the rules and scenario.


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is a delicious Penguicon classic! We take liquid nitrogen (at negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit) to milk, sugar, and other ingredients – the nitrogen boils off and goes out the window, leaving behind a smooth, creamy, frozen dessert. It’s truly a spectacle to behold! The range of strange and imaginative flavors that work with this process is much wider than with normal ice cream. Bring your own crazy combo of flavor ingredients and challenge us! We even have vegan and sugar-free varieties – just ask. You’ll find LN2 ice cream events happening in the Food Track Room throughout the weekend.


Relive your childhood with our retro gaming event! From Atari to Nintendo 64 (and almost every system in between), revel in four hours of pure time-travel joy!


Robo-Melee is a, 12lb or less only, tabletop robot sumo event! It is being held for he first time at Penguicon 2018!  Fights will occur in a round-robin format, and a pit area will be available. We are excited to see what will happen!


It’s a yearly tradition to for All Hands Active to bring a special badge soldering project.  This year they’ve brought two!  One for those who want a quick easy project and a more complex one to purchase (now with LED screen!).  All proceeds go directly to AHA!

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