Hello, it’s Geoffrey again!

The creepy green skull is more than just a seasonal reference – it has an actual reason to be here. Read on for more…

We’re still a week away from convincing our neighbors we’re really tall children (possibly descendants of Brienne and Tormund) and thus deserve free candy (note: I make no guarantee that rouse will work), so that means it’s a great moment to kill some time and give you some updates! YEEEEEAAAAAA (I imagine Kermit flailing and screaming while introducing this. I know some of you don’t get that reference and I am showing my age. I don’t care.)

First… you can read the PenguiNotes from last week’s ConCom meeting! (Please refrain from applause till the end of the blog post.)

Next, the November ConCom meeting will be virtual (well, in terms of meeting space… I mean, it’ll still be a meeting and presumably something will get done… we just won’t all be in a room staring at Miranda as she admirably restrains herself from smashing the speakerphone just before it suddenly begins to work). The invitation is on Facebook if you want more details.

Lastly, Cassy and Dan Dugan are leading an expedition to the Great Dutch West (Grand Rapids) for GrrCON. GrrCON is “an information security and hacking conference that provides the Midwest InfoSec community with a fun atmosphere to come together and engage with like minded people” (sounds interesting… those InfoSec folks can be crazy). Cassy and Dan will be staffing a Penguicon booth and running a timed Linux Quiz (1 minute to answer as many questions as possible with prizes for first, second, and third places!). If you find yourself at GrrCON, keep an eye open for them!