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This page is where we post the descriptions of our programming as it is solidified for 2018. Check back in April for more info on our programming for Penguicon 2018.

Check out some of our programming from Penguicon 2017 in the meantime!



This customizable marble roller coaster is a perennial favorite. It serves as a metaphor for the open source development process.  The Chaos Machine is available all weekend for Penguicon attendees to tinker with!


Geeks with Guns is an off-site event held early on Friday afternoon, just prior to the official opening of the con. It involves going to a nearby range, and consuming copious quantities of ammunition while noisily punching holes in various paper targets for a couple of hours.

It is a painless and fun way for newbies to learn the fundamentals of firearms safety, and for them (and experienced shooters) to have an opportunity to handle and shoot a variety of guns in the company of other Penguicon attendees. The cost is as low as we can make it, and the fellowship is excellent. There are several experienced firearms instructors present, and the unwavering emphasis is on safety.

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