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Penguicon staff work throughout the year to make Penguicon happen.
Some staff positions are still available, including:


  • Program Ops – Want to be a pivotal part of the programming team but can’t make the programming meetings? Then check out Program Ops! Just before the convention you’ll help plan how to get our presenters the information they need during the convention. You’ll also help during the convention, keeping it running smoothly by coordinating between both our Programming and Operations Departments. Lastly, you’ll gather information about panel attendance as well as be aware of any special events that are taking place during that convention that need extra attention.
  • Media Track Head – In charge of curating and scheduling media talent for programming!

Please E-mail [email protected] if you are interested!


  • Marketing Coordinator – In charge of all marketing for Penguicon including but not limited to ordering marketing materials and running promotional events.

E-mail [email protected] if you are interested!


  • Charity Coordinator – The Charity coordinator manages the relationship with the charity we will choose for 2018 – connecting with charity staff who attend the event and running the fund-raising we do during Penguicon.  This is great for all kinds of personalities, but someone who wants to be creative or outgoing for a good cause would do well!

E-mail [email protected] if you are interested!


  • Assistant Head of Logistics – As Assistant Head of Logistics, you’ll be helping the Head of Logistics and other ConCom members inventory our storage cube, communicating with service providers like moving services and truck rental, and assisting with coordinating logistics volunteers before and after con. It’s hard work with some heavy lifting involved, but Penguicon couldn’t happen without us, and all the work happens before and after con leaving you free to enjoy the entire con!
  • Truck Driver – Pilots the Penguicon cargo ship (a 26-foot box truck) from the storage cube to Gordon’s Food Service to the Westin. Docks and undocks the ship from the loading ports. (Worry not; we will spot you during docking and undocking manoeuvres!) This position needs a relief driver, so that you can split on-call hours from the main driver in case the truck needs moved from its parking space during con.
  • Logistics Captain – Coordinates load in and load out. Directs load in to the proper staging locations, and keeps the cargo ship’s hold organised when packing up.

E-mail [email protected] if you are interested in any Logistics positions!

Please stay tuned to see what staff positions will be available!

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