The Writer’s Block


The Writers’ Block is a convention-run bookstore devoted to the promotion and sale of books by our Guests of Honor, Featured Guests, and any attending authors who wish to participate, free of charge. Staff will be on hand to help readers find just the right book. The Writers’ Block takes place in two adjacent rooms – the second room will host readings and signings all weekend.  Authors and literary fans are encouraged to hang out; the rooms will serve as a gathering spot for lovers of words and fans of Penguicon’s participating authors.

Writers’ Block hours (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

  • Friday from 4pm – 9pm
  • Saturday from 11am – 9pm
  • Sunday from 11am – 2pm

The attending authors who will be participating in the Writers’ Block will be included here at a later time, check back!

Authors: The Writers’ Block is being provided as a 100% free service to authors who attend Penguicon – we will sell your books at retail price (plus sales tax) in order to allow you to enjoy our convention, participate in readings, and get to know our attendees without having to sit at a table. If you’ve written a book and you’d like to participate, you are welcome – please email [email protected] for details or come up to the Writers’ Block rooms on the 3rd floor.

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