Magic Meeple Games logoWe are happy to announce our next Guest of Honor for 2018 – Magic Meeple Games!

Magic Meeple Games is an independent tabletop games design, development, & publishing company based in Phoenix, Arizona and co-owned by Ian and Trish Stedman.

MMG began when a good friend, and Gamelyn Games founder, Michael Coe approached them to co-publish a project with him. Ian and Trish (who have over 15 years combined involvement in various games industries) officially formed MMG in 2015. Ian has had a lifelong passion for gaming and is the designer of Magnum Opus from Clever Mojo Games and several other self-publishing projects. Trish has been heavily involved with gaming conventions (including Phoenix Comicon, RinCon, and Crit Hit) for years as an experienced event planner. Then they debuted with a successful Kickstarter campaign for Darkrock Ventures (designed by Michael Eskue of Council of Verona/TableTop fame), followed that up with another successful Kickstarter campaign for Fire of Eidolon , and another for Overworld last year.

Keep track of all their upcoming projects on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, BoardGameGeek, and their own website.

We can’t wait to see what Ian and Trish have up their sleeves for May!