Have you thought it would be fun to know more about how Penguicon happens?  Do you have ideas or talents to make Penguicon a better experience?  Please join us at the June ComCom/SMoS* meeting in Canton, MI.

We will meet at long-time volunteers, Jessica and Rich’s house, on June 23.  Their address is 39740 Coronation Rd, Canton, MI 48188-1527, United States

From 1-3pm, we will have the formal ConCom meeting.  Each department will share a status of what has been going on behind the scenes and what is being worked on.

After 3pm, we will have our SMoS*.  Jessica and Rich have a pool so bring your swimsuit and enjoy social time with other Penguicon enthusiasts.  We like to bond over drinks and refreshments in a less formal setting.

As a volunteer run organization, we need YOU and YOUR IDEAS and YOUR TALENTS to make this fun event happen next May 4th.  Please join us.

*What is this SMoS business?  Is that only for the “in-crowd”?  NO!  It’s a time for any and everyone interested in Penguicon, or hacking, or crafts, or science fiction or meeting other people passionate about their interests.  Check out the history of the term on our FAQ.