So, you love Penguicon, right? You’d love to be involved with it all year? You’d like to contribute to making the next Penguicon bigger and better?

Have you ever considered being a Track Head?

Track Heads are each given a track (an area of interest), and are in charge of drumming up interest, panelists, featured guests, etc, as well as keeping in contact with panelist applicants over the course of the year. They are in charge of scheduling their track’s programming and making their track the most it can be.

We’re looking for a bunch of new heads this year. Do you have a particular interest, or just an ability to wrangle a whole lot of penguins, no matter what interest they have?

It’s a big job, and one without which Penguicon can be Penguicon. Are you Penguin enough to do it?  If this sounds good, please fill out our Track Head Application.