Is it already getting to be time for turkey and pie? I haven’t finished the kids’ my Halloween candy yet… regardless, like a Mark Cohen-powered Starfleet spore drive, here we are popping back into your lives for a few brief minutes!

As you all know, the November ConCom meeting will be this weekend. It will be “virtual” (it’s not truly virtual in a 1990s way till someone sets up an island in Second Life… then it will be virtual… and somewhat anachronistic, but to each their own) and amazing (I can’t guarantee that, it’s solely an assumption). The invitation is on Facebook.

Also, we can always use more victims staff. If you enjoy helping staff or plan events, please head on over to Join Our Staff page and… well, join our staff.

Time willing, there will be a post in about a week with some more info. Till then, grab your favorite person and head on out on a date to see a Kasseelian opera production of La Bohème.