I don’t know about you, but my Turkey Day is rarely complete without gravy, pie, MST3K, and a nice rousing push for more Penguicon sponsors.

And – hey! – just in time for that brand new holiday tradition, here’s the Sponsoring Penguicon page! Work for or know of an organization you think would be a good fit? Let them know!

We are also looking for a head for our Retro Gaming Track. This is a new enough need that it’s not even on the Join our Staff page yet (smells like it’s right out of the oven!). If you’re interested, email [email protected] for more details.

If you’re the type who enjoys reading PenguiNotes instead of watching the Lions play sportsball, here are the most recent ones, just for you (yep – you!).

So, if you’re into eating the carcass of a large flightless bird on the fourth Thursday of November, have a great one! If not, have a great Thursday! (And if you’re in retail, we wish you a frustration-free Friday.)

Oh, and I can’t help you with the gravy or the pie, but MST3K will run its annual marathon on Pluto.tv.