Like a galactic con-man with some very impressive facial hair, we’re back (with another update, not a con… though a time crystal could be useful… hmmmm <strokes goatee>)!

First, and most pressing – makers get your applications in for the Makers Market! The deadline is tomorrow (February 1, 2018)!

Speaking of deadlines, the programming deadline is March 1. Why wait the extra month? If you want to present, have a panel discussion, run a workshop, demonstrate how two lab mice can(not) take over the world in a night, etc., go ahead and get your idea in now and avoid the rush. You’ll thank us later.

Lastly (and I know this is what everyone’s waiting for), here are the PenguiNotes from this past weekend’s ConCom meeting. We know you all look forward to these – the perfect thing to curl up and read on a winter’s night!

Some more interesting things to come later this week. See you then! </strokes goatee>