In 2017, the Nearly Useless Entertainment Team (or NUET Performance) brought Penguicon its very own escape game with their ‘Pirate-Themed Escape Room.’ As many of you know, it was a resounding success, with each event filling up in minutes.

Due to the immense interest last year, NUET Performance is pleased to announce they will be returning with an Escape Room for 2018!

This year they’re upping the ante – aiming to provide a near total immersion room to take participants into the magical world of… Harry Potter! Players will be helping the Ministry of Magic invite their cousins from the Magical Congress of the United States of America to join in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

There will also be a second Escape Room! In addition to the Harry Potter room they will also be bringing a Firefly-themed room that was test-piloted at Continuum 2017! Shiny!

We’re really looking forward to NUET Performance bringing these great games to Penguicon! Look for more information on both rooms closer to May!