I have briefly taken over the Penguicon Communications account to tell you what is really going on with Mayhem this year. Sure, Penguicon will have the old favorites like Chaos Machine and Giant Jenga. There are some things brewing that they have not told you about.

  • Network Capture the Flag(CTF)! – Learn to hack and defend against hackers in a simulated town.
  • Battlebots!
  • Drone racing!

Details on these events will be leaked as soon as I can crack the MD5 algorithm in the Penguicon Secret plans directory. So far, I see that the CTF event will be announced on 3/7.

There is a super secret concom meeting Sunday 2/18 as well. Where the concom will be discussing plans.  I have discovered the time and location. It is at the Southfield Westin, 2nd floor (1500 Town Center, Southfield, MI 48075). Starts at 1pm and goes until 5pm with some frivolity happening after the business of running a con is discussed. Apparently just being interested in Penguicon is all you need to attend.

I am returning the account back to Penguicon Communications now.

Most importantly:

You have one week left to submit panels and cause some Mayhem with me at Penguicon 2018!

You are welcome.