Gaming Track is staple for many a Penguiconner! We are changing things up this year (as always)! Gaming will have it’s own room! In addition to our awesome gaming area and library, U-Con will be bringing their board game library to share (here is a list of their games). Our relationship with U-Con has been great and we are happy to have them back for the third year in a row!

Remember that Umbird we adopted from Overworld in this kickstarter campaign? Well, our Featured Guest, Nemo T Rathwald aka Matt Arnold, will be there with copies for you to play and to pick his brain about game design!

Do you have a game your excited to show people? Do you have a favorite game you want to teach others to play? Then sign up to run a game in the Gaming Room! We would love to have you! We welcome established games, underground games, and prototypes for play-testing!  Panels about social aspects, instructional, and publishing games are just some tiny examples of what our community would love to hear.

We would love for you to submit a proposal for an event in the Gaming track that you intend to present!