The Media Track is intended to be a broad approach, combining video, film, social media, and other creative fields both online and offline for creators and fans of any medium. Panels for creators and entrepreneurs will have tips, tricks, and other information on photography, podcasting, comics and other mediums that are emerging into the media field. We’ll also be showing films in our theater all during the weekend!

Here’s a sneak peak on what we’ve got planned so far!

Track Highlights:

  • The Smithee Awards: The ultimate B-cinema experience!
  • Open Source Coding: Music Edition – Come learn how to take open source code and translate it beautiful melodies.
  • Her Legs are HOW long?: Interactive panel to learn how to draw with correct proportions.

Panel submissions end on March 1 (8 days to go)!

We would love for you to submit a proposal for an event in the Media track that you intend to present!