Ahhh… woke up to a new day, wet and muggy-but-cold lovely ‘Michigan spring’-like weather, and pouring rain a pleasant dew filling the air… what could top that?

I know!

  • Staff! Did you know that Penguicon is run completely by volunteers?  Did you know that being staff can provide you with skills that you can use on your resume?  Did you know that we are looking for a few awesome people like you to join our ranks as staff?  Want to know more? Email volunteers@penguicon.org to find out what positions are available.
  • Present! Yes, you still have time to propose a presentation or panel – but like Cinderella on the dance floor, time is dwindling fast. Get your submissions in by March 1st (that’s a week from Thursday!).
  • Volunteer BashOur scientist are busy putting the finishing touches on their experiments to bring you the best Volunteer Bash ever! Stay tuned for more details soon on the event that will show you just how easy it is to go M.A.D. ,(Make A Difference), for Penguicon.  Mark your calendars now to join us on March 25th, 2018 at the Westin.
  • PenguiNotes! Fresh-squeezed from just this past weekend and all ready for you to peruse.
  • Ribbons! Like many SF cons, a lot of our attendees make ribbon gathering an event onto itself (via trading or swapping, of course – hoodwinking and hornswoggling are not allowed). Yes, some ribbons represent official roles (like “Staff,” or “Presenter,” or “Dementor”), but most of them are fun, even silly ways to express yourself. You’re welcome to bring and/or buy ribbons from anywhere, but we do have a vendor we work with in bulk to bring the price down as much as possible. Get your order in by March 25th (otherwise you’ll have to deal with making your own the night before using stolen copier paper, Sharpies, and Scotch tape… though those might be really cool among the DIY community if you do it right).

We have much more coming down the pipe, so stay-tuned (and stay dry… it’s a mess out there).