Penguicon Life Track covers socializing, productivity, tattoos, career building, and everything else having to do with the unpaid side of work/life balance. Learn to hack your life in the life track!

Track Highlights!

LGBTQ Labor History: The Importance of Undoing Heteronormative History
The presentation will consist of a lecture with corresponding visual aids covering both conventionally known as well as lesser known aspects of US LGBTQ labor (collective bargaining) history. The importance of understanding and establishing a comprehensive LGBTQ labor history, as well as an LGBTQ history in general, will be discussed in terms of assisting in the creation of LGBTQ visibility and reinforcing LGBTQ existence prior to the 1960s sexual revolution. After the lecture the floor will be yielded to an open Q&A.

Who’s Geek Are You Anyway?
A take on ‘Who’s Line is it Anyway?’ with a geeky twist! Come to participate alone or in teams, but expect to have plenty of fun as you play along! This is audience participation so get your geeky thinking caps on and have some fun!

Handi Homes: Tiny House Accessibility
Tiny homes have become increasingly popular, and with the pre-fabs there has been a kind of cookie cutter approach for those looking to just buy and go. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for individuality. One thing that current tiny house designs fail to take into account are designs for sustainability and for accessibility. Let’s talk about ways to be ADA compliant and save the environment!

Panel submissions end on March 1 (4 days to go)!

We would love for you to submit a proposal for an event in the Life track that you intend to present!