The Literature Track covers everything bookish, from what you should be reading to how to improve your writing. Thinking of starting that short story or novel?  Want to know what’s hot in the field of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, from Star Wars to Stephen King and all things in between? Writers working in the field of speculative fiction discuss relevant issues on everything from shop talk on the craft of writing to changes and standards in the world of publishing.

Lit Track Highlights!

SF/F Madlibs Everyone knows Madlibs, but these are specially geared towards Science Fiction and Fantasy. Come watch as our panelists fill in the blanks and then roar with laughter when they are read by Guest of Honor Mark Oshirio.

Self-Rescuing Princess: The Importance of Creating Characters with Agency Your story shouldn’t happen to your characters. Your characters should happen to your story. Discuss how to write characters whose actions have real consequences, and affect both the world around them and the story that they are a part of.

Independent Book Stores We all love the thrill of the book hunt, be it finding a copy of a treasured favorite or discovering a new author. Often, the best place to do this is at an independent book store. Join the owners/operators of local independent book shops as they give you a behind the scenes view of what it takes to run one.​

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