Board Policy



Board Resolution:

“That the Penguicon Board adopt the rules listed below as the permanent Penguicon convention rules.  The section marked ‘Point Rules’ are intended to be posted on a highly visible sign near the convention Registration, and the section marked ‘Long List’ are intended to be included in the Program Book.  The convention shall have the discretion to add additional rules, but shall not edit or remove any of the permanent rules.”

Point Rules

  1. You must be 21 or over and legal to drink in the state of Michigan to be served alcohol.  We will be checking ID.
  1. To use the hospitality areas you must comply with Michigan state drinking laws.
  1. Any weapons or potentially dangerous items should be handled with care.
  1. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.
  1. The convention might include discussions or demonstrations of an adult nature; these may be inappropriate for children. Parents are responsible for their children; the convention is not.
  1. Be respectful of others. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so.  Seriously.
  1. The Convention retains the right to remove anybody from the Convention at any time, with or without refund.
  1. Have fun, but comply with hotel rules and the law


Long List

The Convention retains the right, at any time and with or without refund, to remove anyone determined to be disrupting the event. This could also result in a ban of the person from future events.

Guest Cancellation Policy:

Our Guests of Honor and other invited Guests commit to attending Penguicon long in advance of the actual event. Along the way (and generally at the very last moment!) circumstances beyond everyone’s control may happen, resulting in the Guest not being able to attend the convention as planned. Penguicon can make no guarantee that a particular guest will be able to attend the convention, and can not be liable for the results of a Guest’s cancellation.

Parental  Concerns:

Children ages 12 and under are welcome at the convention. However, parents should be aware that Penguicon does not provide any programming or services for children age 12 or under, and requires that a registered convention attendee always accompany these children. Unaccompanied children are not allowed into non-public convention areas and functions. Please also consider that some convention topics may not be appropriate for young children, and that some evening and night convention functions may involve attendee costume and activities possibly inappropriate for children. Penguicon cannot be held responsible for any unaccompanied minors.


As part of our hospitality, Penguicon may serve alcoholic beverages in the Consuites. There may also be other events that will do so. We ask that everyone observe the law and follow these rules regarding alcohol.

  1. Penguicon will be checking IDs before serving any alcoholic beverages. In Michigan you must be 21 or over in order to drink.
  1. Proof of age will be required at the point of service, not during registration. In other words, you must bring your ID to the Consuite in order to drink. Con badges will NOT indicate age, or be accepted as proof of age. Acceptable forms of ID are driver licenses, state issued picture IDs, military IDs, and passports.
  1. Violations of state drinking laws will not be tolerated.
  1. Room parties in guest rooms are welcome to provide hospitality (potentially serving alcohol). Each party will need to decide how to handle appropriate alcohol management. Penguicon asks only that everyone comply with hotel rules, and that all parties follow state drinking laws. We hope that everyone has a wonderful time!
  1. Please follow the law and hotel rules in regards to open containers of alcohol.

Other mind altering behaviors:

– Sleep deprivation and various states of -glycemia are too often overlooked when considering mindaltering behaviors. Be good to yourself by getting some sleep in each 24-hour period, as well as at least one non-junk-food meal in the same time frame. You’ll save yourself the trouble of feeling physically exhausted and unendurably moody. The 5-2-1 rule is a good recommendation: 5 hours of sleep, two meals and one shower per day.

– Do not take open alcoholic beverages out of the ConSuites or private rooms where they are served. Caffeine, however, may be consumed in any location.

-Please confine the use of any illegal drugs to another venue.

-Although there is some debate, we choose to consider meditation and chanting as potentially mind-altering behaviors. If you choose to perform either, please do so in a place that will not impede pedestrians, vehicles, or a Fire Exit.

Weapons Policy:

Bladed weapons and replica firearms are often found at Penguicon either as parts of costumes, or as part of dealer displays or pre-arranged martial arts displays. Please follow the law and hotel rules in regards to weapons.

Fire-related items are prohibited except within previously approved official events. No explosives or exploding items are allowed at Penguicon.

Weapons, real or simulated, should remain secured and not be brandished about.

The Convention may contain weapons related events such as sword-fighting demonstrations, the “Geeks with Guns” event, or weapons sales in the dealer room. Items for these events are specifically allowed. Be aware that using a weapon is dangerous and should only be done in approved areas. Swinging a sword at a dealers’ table should never be done.


The display of bondage gear or fetish clothing in public is controversial, but acceptable at the convention. We would recommend that it is most appropriate in the evenings. However, please keep kink play in a private room to avoid non-consensual experiences for others.

Social Interactions:

Penguicon is committed to fostering an environment of comfort and safety for everyone. To achieve this, attendees should refrain from actions that a reasonable person would feel would limit, or threaten to limit, the safe enjoyment of the convention by another person. Violations of this guideline can be reported to either Penguicon Convention management or any Penguicon Board member.

Final Words:

Again, please follow the law and hotel rules.  You are responsible for your own actions.

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