Hi, Penguicon Peeps, I’m your Chair for 2018! Did you know we’re less than 100 days away from the coolest, smartest, most fun tech conference/nerd convention you’ve ever attended? The countdown on our website is a great way to keep track!

One of my favorite parts of Penguicon is mapping out all the panels and events I want to attend and calculating how I can squeeze so much awesomeness into one weekend (cloning technology, I need it!). Did you know we had over 400 hours of programming last year? Well it’s time again to ask you what you’re passionate about, what makes you light up whenever you talk about it?

Have a hobby you love? Maybe you’ve got a cool sideline project you’ve been secretly developing? Well, Penguicon attendees want to hear about it, so come present an event and meet others who share your passion! Not quite ready to take on presenting a panel, but want to learn more? Want to see our Guests of Honor talk about a specific subject? Suggest it to our programming team!

Still on the fence? If you present more than three hours during Penguicon OR submit your presentation to Penguicon under the Creative Commons license you can get your membership for the whole weekend for only $30. Nothing better than geeking out about your favorite things and saving money!

Still searching for some inspiration? No problem! Here’s a little sneak peak of what we’ve already got in the works 😉

Open Source Video Editing Workflow on Linux

Crowdfunding for Creatives – A look at how to use crowdfunding platforms to support your creative endeavors.

SF/F Madlibs: Enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Pop culture Mad-libs created by our panelists!

Can’t wait to see you all at Penguicon in May!