Penguicon Update and What’s Next?

Ahhh… woke up to a new day, wet and muggy-but-cold lovely ‘Michigan spring’-like weather, and pouring rain a pleasant dew filling the air… what could top that? I know! Staff! Did you know that Penguicon is run completely by volunteers?  Did you know that being staff can provide you with skills that you can use on your resume?  Did you know that we are looking for a few awesome people like you to join our ranks as staff?  Want to know…

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Track Spotlight: Media

The Media Track is intended to be a broad approach, combining video, film, social media, and other creative fields both online and offline for creators and fans of any medium. Panels for creators and entrepreneurs will have tips, tricks, and other information on photography, podcasting, comics and other mediums that are emerging into the media field. We’ll also be showing films in our theater all during the weekend! Here’s a sneak peak on what we’ve got planned so far! Track…

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Track Spotlight: Gaming

Gaming Track is staple for many a Penguiconner! We are changing things up this year (as always)! Gaming will have it’s own room! In addition to our awesome gaming area and library, U-Con will be bringing their board game library to share (here is a list of their games). Our relationship with U-Con has been great and we are happy to have them back for the third year in a row! Remember that Umbird we adopted from Overworld in this kickstarter…

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Track Spotlight: Mayhem

######L33t-Haxxor-Communication######## I have briefly taken over the Penguicon Communications account to tell you what is really going on with Mayhem this year. Sure, Penguicon will have the old favorites like Chaos Machine and Giant Jenga. There are some things brewing that they have not told you about. Network Capture the Flag(CTF)! – Learn to hack and defend against hackers in a simulated town. Battlebots! Drone racing! Details on these events will be leaked as soon as I can crack the…

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Track Spotlight: Food!

  Penguicon food track is a longstanding fan favorite. This year we have some classics and some new events! The Food track will include tastings and general demos on cooking and mixology. Want to bring your favorite food to Penguicon? Teach us how to spice things up? Make your favorite drink for a thirsty and appreciative audience? Need some inspiration? Here are a few we are excited about! Let’s Eat Sushi! LN2 Ice Cream Stanky Cheeses We want you to…

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The Wishlist is here!

Check out our wishlist for some insight on what the Penguicon community wants to see this year! See something on that list that you’ve got some knowledge on? Then why not do a presentation on it! The Programming submission deadline is right around the corner! Remember, just three hours of programming and you’ll get a discounted membership for the whole weekend.  Any programming questions can be directed to, Bagel, our Head of Programming at [email protected] 🙂

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Track Spotlight: Tech!

Penguicon Loves Tech Track and Tech Track loves you back! With two Tech focused Guests of Honor and a pile of awesome open source tech experts, Penguicon Tech Track is going to be huge this year!  We want you to bring your expertise too! Submit quickly as the deadline is only in a couple weeks! Need some inspiration? Tech Track Preview! Programming Games with PyGame Computational Social Science DIY IoT Workshop Turning Material Science Fiction into Science Fact Welcome to…

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Mary Anne Mohanraj, 2018 Penguicon Guest of Honor

We are happy to announce Mary Anne is one of our three Guests of Honor from the Writing Excuses podcast! Author of Bodies in Motion (HarperCollins), The Stars Change (Circlet Press) and eleven other titles. Bodies in Motion was a finalist for the Asian American Book Awards, a USA Today Notable Book, and has been translated into six different languages. The Stars Change, a Sci-fi novella, and finalist for the Lambda, Rainbow, and Bisexual Book Awards.  Mary Anne founded the Hugo-nominated…

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Track Spotlight: Science!

  Science Fiction inspires and has been inspired by scientific work. The Science track brings you telescope viewings, hands-on chemistry, robotics, discussions on the future of disease prevention, and the future of automation. We are super geeked for Penguicon Guest of Honor DR. KRISTINE LARSEN! Her teaching and research focuses on the intersections of science and society, including the history of women in science, and science and popular culture. In the Science track this year we are excited to see: Relic…

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Last Call: Panel Wishlist!

Hey everyone! Got a panel idea you wish you could see at Penguicon this year? Then hurry up and submit it! We’re looking to close down the suggestion form on Wednesday so we can make it public. That way we can make sure we get panelists for all your amazing panel suggestions!

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