Dr. Kristine Larsen, 2018 Penguicon Guest of Honor

Is it already 2018? Shaken off your Last Jedi-spiced, nog-induced Saturnalia stupor yet? You’d better—because it’s time for another 2018 Guest of Honor announcement! Our third Guest of Honor is Dr. Kristine Larsen! Kristine is Professor of Astronomy at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut. Her teaching and research focuses on the intersections of science and society, including the history of women in science, and science and popular culture. In particular, her work focuses on depictions of science…

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Johnny Xmas, 2018 Penguicon Guest of Honor

As everyone is last-minute shopping and cooking (or dealing with those of us who are), we have a new (somewhat seasonally-themed) guest of honor to announce – Johnny Xmas! Johnny is a Security Researcher at Uptake, a company dedicated to ensuring safety, reliability, and security of  industrial environments. Recently, he was one of the masterminds behind the reproduction and leaking of the TSA Master Keys from 2016-present (with a final 006 in the works). The purpose of this was to help…

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Mark Oshiro, 2018 Penguicon Guest of Honor

  Many of you are already aware of the first 2018 Guest of Honor, but (as we gear up to announce more) we’d like to announce him again – Mark Oshiro! Mark is the Hugo-nominated writer of the online Mark Does Stuff universe (Mark Reads and Mark Watches), where he analyzes book and TV series. He was the nonfiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction! and the co-editor of Speculative Fiction 2015 with Foz Meadows. He is currently the fiction editor…

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Happy Turkey Day (and notes, plus a call for sponsors & a Retro Gaming track head)

I don’t know about you, but my Turkey Day is rarely complete without gravy, pie, MST3K, and a nice rousing push for more Penguicon sponsors. And – hey! – just in time for that brand new holiday tradition, here’s the Sponsoring Penguicon page! Work for or know of an organization you think would be a good fit? Let them know! We are also looking for a head for our Retro Gaming Track. This is a new enough need that it’s…

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November ConCom, join our staff (and too many Discovery-related references)

Is it already getting to be time for turkey and pie? I haven’t finished the kids’ my Halloween candy yet… regardless, like a Mark Cohen-powered Starfleet spore drive, here we are popping back into your lives for a few brief minutes! As you all know, the November ConCom meeting will be this weekend. It will be “virtual” (it’s not truly virtual in a 1990s way till someone sets up an island in Second Life… then it will be virtual… and…

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More Spooky Updates (and come see us at GrrCON!)

Hello, it’s Geoffrey again! The creepy green skull is more than just a seasonal reference – it has an actual reason to be here. Read on for more… We’re still a week away from convincing our neighbors we’re really tall children (possibly descendants of Brienne and Tormund) and thus deserve free candy (note: I make no guarantee that rouse will work), so that means it’s a great moment to kill some time and give you some updates! YEEEEEAAAAAA (I imagine…

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ConCom, and calls for programming, charity, and staff (oh my!)

Hello, all! This is Geoffrey and I’m assisting Miranda with communications for Penguicon 2018. You may not know me, or you may… either way – Hello! Seems we have some housekeeping to do before everyone starts dressing up and begging for candy, so let me run it down: There’s a ConCom meeting this Sunday (October 15, 2017, so if you’re reading this after that date then there may very well not be a meeting this coming Sunday… you’ve been warned).…

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Submit Programming Ideas for Penguicon

Is there a topic you would like to share with other attendees? Would you like to suggest an activity that would be suited to our event? No experience required, – only enthusiasm and a willingness to share your passion with others. Our Penguicon Event Proposal form is accepting suggestions. Help the Programming team tailor the offerings to those that have the greatest interest and impact and submit your idea. Our tracks this year are Action-Adventure, After Dark, Anime, Cosplay, DIY,…

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